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the John Salter’s spiritual triptych


John Salter is an true painter that Almanart discovered at the well known “Salon de Montrouge” in 2011 which is devoted to the discovery of young artists. John is not a promising youngster as he stopped painting for 30 years, but his talent remained and life’s experience has created some unusual work ; insofar as he is a painter with a social rather than a political commitment which, at his age, permits rather caustic interpretation. From life experience he can reflect on the role of the painter : “I speak to you through your eyes and what I have to say is not necessarily pretty” says he.

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A spiritual triptych

this group is striking through its symbolism and tonality, a return to a type of painting at its zenith towards the end of the 19th century that demands great technical competence, which, fortunately, present painters are beginning to re-deploy

John Salter
John Salter, tryptych, oil, 2010


> the first panel, entitled “Paradise at Night” shows Cupid showering arrows on all about him !

Strange, because his victims have a spiritual look ; these nudes show little eroticism, more good nature and peacefulness. But why at night ? Through modesty ? Or is this a hidden Paradise ? Or even a dream ?


  John Salter


> in the small central panel, with the title a paradox, “Limbo at Twilight”, the charmed dream comes (or comes once again) to an end.

One is reminded that in the Old Testament Limbo is where the Just await the redemption of the Saviour. But here, it’s more the twilight of Paradise and the dawn of Hell ; where (the Apostles ?) Christ’s representatives return to Earth (Cupid is trying to escape) : welcome...


  John Salter


> ...welcome to Earth, it’s the Hell of war !

This third panel, “Hell in the Day” is unequivocal : a heap of mutilated innocents among which, maybe, disguised Apostles. Even Cupid, the angel, tortured Love, has been caught and will finish up as another victim.

One can only hope to be saved by the night.


  John Salter

All this from a charming artist with a mischievous smile : an unholy Joke ?



> more info on John Salter’s art ; his biographie give us an "so british" humor of the contemporary art history !  ; John Salter is in the Galerie La Rage, Lyon


actuality : 2013 John Salter’s exhibitions :
 - Salon Figuration Critique au Bastille Design Center, Paris, 10-14 septembre
 - Biennale 109 à la Cité Internationnale des Arts, Paris, 18-29 septembre
 - Salon Européen, Lyon, 17-31 octobre
 - Les Hivernales de Montreuil (Paris), 6-11 novembre


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